I tried to find a good quote about storms but couldn’t.

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Last night, I was filling up my water bottle, as per usual (I’ve been averaging between six to seven liters a day, but that’s another story), when I noticed a flash of light through the kitchen window. Mom and I went and stood out on the back porch for around fifteen minutes watching a storm off in the way-away distance, so far from us that you couldn’t even hear the thunder. It was very peaceful, with the lightning flickering on the horizon and the crickets violining and the night air calm and warm.

Then today, I was sitting outside of the McAlister’s on Lakeshore Drive, eating a roast beef sandwich with au jus on the side (om nom). It started raining, but I was sitting in a sheltered part of the overhang and decided just to enjoy the rain. I was reading, which was probably part of the problem, because when I read, it’s basically lights-out-Kellum and I totally phase out of the environment. Which explains why I failed to realize why the wind was getting blowier and the thunder was getting closier and the rain was getting… um… rainier.

And then all of the sudden, a bolt of lightning struck not a hundred yards away. It was absolutely the brightest thing I had ever seen—and I just happened to be looking right at the power pole that it struck—and the thunder absolutely split my brain open. You can bet I scurried inside at that point, heart trying to follow my brain out of my body.

I felt really like I had stared death in the face in that moment. Usually it is so far away, just a storm on the horizon that can be fascinating to watch but never moves in close. But occasionally, it visits you like a hangman, pulling back the curtains on your house and peering in at you with those blank eyes as if to say, ‘I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m watching you just like every other living creature on this planet.’

Humbling, to say the least.

  1. Wow. Thunder and lightning are so amazing to witness and hear…yet very frightening. Humbling is right. : )

  2. i like thunders…i always invoke a AfroBrazilian deity called Iansã…
    light is powerful, sharp, and clear….then comes sound… it reminds me how important is to sometimes wait a bit before saying something 🙂 rarely i am able to do it

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